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Insurance Eligibility

  • Eligible for Full Employer Contribution toward Insurance:  Administrators who are employed at least 75 percent time for 9 months or more are eligible for the full employer contribution towards health, dental and basic life insurance.
  • Eligible for Partial Employer Contribution toward Insurance:  Administrators who are employed at least 50 percent time but less than 75 percent time for 9 months or more are eligible for a partial employer contribution equal to 75 percent of the full employer contribution towards health, dental and basic life insurance.


Administrators with appointments of at least 25% time participate (if under age 65) on a pre-tax basis in the retirement program. There is mandatory participation in the Defined Contribution Retirement Plan also called Individual Retirement Account Plan (IRAP). The employee contributes 4.5% to IRAP The university contributes 6%. 

Other Pre-tax Benefits

Employees seeking other tax advantaged vehicles have the option to participate in either a 403(b) tax sheltered annuity program and/or in a 457 (b) deferred compensation program. Both provide a choice of investments for retirement savings. For more information about these, please visit:http://www.hr.mnscu.edu/employees/retirement/index.html


Paid Leaves

  • Sick - 15 days of sick leave shall be credited to all new full- time administrators at the time of their employment to cover possible disability during the first 30 pay periods of employment. Beginning with the 31st pay period of employment, each administrator shall be credited with one-half (1/2) additional day of sick leave for each succeeding pay period of employment completed.
  • Vacation- Administrators accrue one day at the end of each of the first 23 full pay periods worked during each fiscal year of employment.  Accrual rates increase as years of service increase.

Tuition Waiver

Administrators employed on at least a 75% basis shall be entitled to enroll in courses offered by a college/university in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities without payment of tuition or fees, except laboratory and special course fees. Such enrollment shall not exceed a total of 24 semester credit hours per fiscal year for any administrator. 

To the extent that the administrator does not exercise the rights above, the administrator's spouse or dependents shall be eligible to take credits in an institution type which is similar to that in which the employee is employed.


For more detailed information, visit the Administrator Contract.


 *This is only a summary and is subject to change pending state and federal legislation and changes in the negotiated agreements. For further information, faculty members and staff are encouraged to contact Human Resources at 651-793-1275 or send an email to Human.Resources@metrostate.edu.

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