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Internship of the Month

Internship of the Month: March 2014

Internship opportunities year round

Have you considered an internship with an elected official? Here in MN, or in Washington, DC?
Each year opportunities are made available to bright and dynamic college students to view, first hand, the workings of government. We hope to do several things to make this the most productive experience you have had to date. We will:

  • Clearly define expectations
  •  Offer a rigorous curriculum
  •  Provide for diverse learning experiences
  •  Solicit input for further development of the program

For some of you this may be your first internship, and for others, this may be another in a line of internship experiences. Regardless, we have planned this program with the expectation that you will all leave the Office of Senator Klobuchar with skills that can be applied to whichever future endeavor you explore.


The intern program in Senator Frankenís office strives to fully immerse the interns in the legislative process. Interns will be paired with a legislative assistant who matches their issue area of interest, and will assist this staffer with policy research, as well as attend committee hearings and other Senate events. They will be a vital component of keeping the office functional, by assisting with the constituent mail process and managing the front desk.

In addition to assisting the office, interns will receive unique career development opportunities. Through working with legislative staff and meeting with senior staff and the Senator, interns will be able to make an informed decision about what areas of political work interest them. By making full use of the career development courses offered in the Senate, interns will know how best to succeed in a political career in the area that they enjoy the most.

Following are samples of internship Web sites.  Finding an internship on one of these Web sites does not mean that it is approved as a Metropolitan State internship for academic credit.  You must complete the university's internship approval process before the internship is officially approved. 

  • Career Link - Internship Opportunities for Metropolitan State University students.
  • Augustana Care - Our structured program is staffed by an interdisciplinary team focusing on rehabilitative therapies. We offer physical, occupational and speech therapy. Regular visits form a dietician, audiologist, music therapist, craft specialist and community volunteers ensure an environment that promotes healthy living and personal independence.
  • Chicano Latino Affairs Council (CLAC) - A statewide government agency created by the legislature in 1978. The primary mission of CLAC is to advise the governor and the state legislature on the issues of importance to Minnesota's Chicano Latino community.
  • Fraser Community Services - Nonprofit serving children and adults with special needs.
  • Genesis II for Families - At Genesis II for Families, volunteers and interns compliment, assist and partner with us in every facet of the agency. We value this contribution and hope to offer each volunteer and intern a satisfying, productive and rewarding experience!
  • Minnesota Historical Society - The Minnesota Historical Society is a non-profit educational and cultural institution established in 1849. Its essence is to illuminate the past as a way to shed light on the future. The Society collects, preserves and tells the story of Minnesotaís past through museum exhibits, libraries and collections, historic sites, educational programs and book publishing.
  • Northwest Youth & Family Services - Critical connections for youth and our community.
  • People Serving People - Serving homeless children and families. Click on "internships."
  • Tubman Family Alliance - Counseling, youth and family support.

Other Resources:  

  • Click here for a fuller list of resources.
  • Surf the Web: Use Google or Yahoo or another search engine to look for specific internship opportunities.  Search by key words, companies, etc.
  • Campus resource areas: Metropolitan State provisionally approved internship opportunities are posted on Career Link: www.metrostate.edu/career 
  • On your own: Are you interested in completing an internship in a particular company, organization or agency? Call their general information number and ask to speak to the person responsible for internships.  Identify yourself as a Metropolitan State student and tell them you are interested in the possibility of doing an internship at their company/organization/agency.  They will let you know the application process.
  • Talk with people who have done internships: Friends, co-workers and other students can be good resources
  • Network: register for/attend Career Fairs, Job Fairs, etc. that are advertised in the Twin Cities area (check the Catalyst, The Metropolitan, and/or Twin Cities newspapers for dates, times and locations) throughout the year.
  • Career Workbook - The Metropolitan State Career Workbook was created by William Baldus, career counselor, to serve as an organizing tool for all students to use from orientation, through graduation, and beyond in their career journey as alumni. In the Career Workbook, students have a single repository to document their career thinking, reflections, and aspirations.
    Highlights include:


    • Exercises and assessments to clarify interests, values and goals
    •  A plan for the "active" job search
    • Tools including resume templates for getting started
    • Web resources for career-related research
    • Suggestions for networking and conducting informational interviews

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