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Digital Media Minor

The Digital Media minor combines theory and practice in the ever-expanding world of digital communication. Classes in the minor provide background in writing, communication and visual theory, while focusing on the production of digital media. Students choose from a menu of classes in multimedia, social media and web and information design. They complete a prerequisite course on how to identify, locate and use tools for producing digital communication.

Students completing the Digital Media minor will:

  • Learn how to strategically choose appropriate media formats for a variety of messages
  • Learn how to apply knowledge of audience, context and purpose in creating digital communication
  • Learn how to produce digital content in a variety of media, incorporating both aesthetic and practical concerns
  • Learn how identity and diversity shape digital communication and online communities

Required Courses (21-22 total credits)

Prerequisite (2 credits)

Electives (19-20 credits


Social Media

Web and Information Design


Brooklyn Park - Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Education Center Minneapolis Campus Midway Center Saint Paul Campus Saint Paul Campus