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Metropolitan State University's psychology program enables students to develop an understanding of the methods and substance of the science of behavior and achieve skills in applying this knowledge in a variety of contexts. The program is responsive to community and student needs and incorporates a multicultural approach, experiential learning in a community setting.

The Psychology Department offers a wide range of courses and other learning opportunities designed to meet students' needs. These students include those who are preparing for careers in psychology related fields at the BA level; preparing for graduate study and professional careers in psychology; or pursuing a liberal arts degree with a major in psychology.


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Friday Forum Webinar Information for Registered Online Participants Only

The Friday Forum is a live webcast so you must be able to watch the Forum from beginning to end without interruption.  A slide will be posted during the mid-Forum break time.  If you experience technical difficulties, please see the webcast Technical Specifications below.  If you have a question about the content of the presentation that you would like to ask the speaker, please email your question either before the mid-Forum break or during any announced Q & A time to: MPAFridayForum@gmail.com. You may also send any urgent technical questions you may have during the presentation to this email address.

Click here to link to the webcast

  • Click here for the Friday Forum webcast technical specification requirements (pdf)
  • Friday Forum Program (pdf) This is the program in packets for participants attending the face-to-face Forum.
  • Friday Forum Speaker Handouts: These handouts were provided by the speaker and are in packets for participants attending the face-to-face Forum.
  • Friday Forum Evaluation (Survey Monkey): Please complete this survey monkey immediately after the presentation. This is an electronic version of the same evaluation form completed by the attendees at the face-to-face Forum.    https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WVLHYJX
  • Friday Forum Feedback Form: As a participant in the test of the Friday Forum webcast, please fill in the Feedback Form. Note you will need to include your name and the Verification Code that briefly appeared in three separate parts during the webcast presentation.  After we receive this form from you, you will be sent your CE certificate in approximately one week. Thank you for helping us improve the webcast delivery.  The link to the Feedback Form is https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DBH65LC


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