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Metropolitan State U: First College - Individualized Degree

Instructions: This form is used to request a specific course change in an approved degree plan. Please note that this is a proposal and must first be approved. To ensure this change can be counted toward graduation, you must complete this form before registering for the proposed course. Up to two changes can be made on this form. Students are responsible for changes that impact on their overall credits toward graduation.

  1. Please talk with your advisor before completing the Degree Plan Amendment.
  2. Submit a copy of this form to your advisor (via this online form or print and send via US mail)

Note: This form is not appropriate for making a major revision of an approved focus area. Please contact your advisor.

Student Information:
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*Student Name:
*Daytime Phone:
*Advisor Name:

Course Changes:                      [ Find Course ]

Example: Writ 131 Writing I 3 Credits
DROP: *Course ID: *Course Title: *Credits:
ADD: *Course ID: *Course Title: *Credits:

*Reason for change:

DROP: Course ID: Course Title: Credits:
ADD: Course ID: Course Title: Credits:

Reason for change:

I agree to the proposed changes made on this form.
A signed copy of this form will be sent to you in a timely fashion as confirmation of approval either by U.S. mail or email. If you have not received a copy by the time the changed course starts, contact your advisor immediately.

Date: Nov 01, 2014


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