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The Management Information Systems (MIS) faculty of Metropolitan State University periodically host seminars on current information technology topics. The purpose of these seminars is to bring together university faculty, MIS business practitioners and university students in an interactive forum to learn about and discuss current issues in MIS applications. We currently do not have any IT seminars or workshops scheduled. Here are some examples of past seminars held at Metropolitan State University.

Past Seminars

Defining Service Level Agreements as a basis for IT outsourcing – ITIL to the rescue!

In the search for ways to gain control over the increasing reliance on IT, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is emerging as a best practice for process development. This workshop will show you how to apply the service-oriented approach of ITIL to IT management. It will demonstrate how ITIL can facilitate the alignment to business objectives of the information technologies employed to support them. This workshop also address ITIL’s use in the development of integrated processes that are responsive to business movement, and that enable the creation of external as well as internal Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Participants will also learn about ITIL’s role in the outsourcing of IT.

Presenter Bio: Hugh Pruitt

Hugh Pruitt has over fifteen years in business and, specifically, business IT roles. His experience ranges from principal at Data Integrity in San Francisco, to Vice President of Operations for The REP Company in Minneapolis. He has also been a network and systems engineer as well as a customer service manager and sales executive. Mr. Pruitt holds a BA from Augsburg College, Minneapolis as well as ITIL Foundation Certification.

Methods & solutions for retail and supply chain data analysis

Presenters: Dr. Vadim Melnichuk & Joe Foley, CTO for Cirista

This workshop will describe case studies in order to illustrate solutions for critical retail and supply chain problems. The presenters will demonstrate techniques for data analysis to address challenges like customer retention, identifying cross-selling opportunities, direct marketing, demand forecasting, and optimizing replenishment. The workshop will also address how supplier performance analysis can be approached in a fruitful and productive manner. Participants will benefit from user-friendly software demonstrations to see how real-time data exploration is conducted to “mine” for new business opportunities.

Presenter Bio: Vadim Melnichuk

Dr. Vadim Melnichuk is Sr. Data Analyst at EV3, Inc. Dr. Melnichuk received his Ph.D. in Simulation & Optimization from the Institute for Oceanography, Russia and his M.S. in Applied Math from St. Petersburg University.

Dr. Melnichuk has authored several articles and papers in the field of system analysis, simulation and optimization. He has also taught several classes on data mining, data warehousing and supply chain analytics. He's got more than 20 years experience in system analysis, simulation, optimization, and data warehousing/mining.

Presenter Bio: Joe Foley

Joe Foley has more than 25 years experience in Relational database design, development and implementation as well as extensive work with data exploration and analytics. He designed and developed a new generation database which is which is designed for analytical processing of large volumes of data. Mr. Foley is currently the Chief Technology officer of Cirista, a software company providing analytical systems and solutions for the retail industry.


For more information about workshops/seminars contact Paula Ball at 612 659-7254 or email at paula.ball@metrostate.edu

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