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Declaring a major is a critical step toward completing your degree program. 

  • Providing you with an approved academic plan.
  • Formalizing transfer course evaluation.
  • Ensuring that you complete prerequisites in a timely manner and take courses in the most beneficial sequence.
  • Avoiding costly registration and course planning mistakes.
  • Allowing you to choose, if major requirements change, between the requirements in place when you declared a major or the new requirements.

Declaration Process

Some programs have admission requirements that must be completed before you can declare the program. You are expected to complete any admission requirements, submit a Program Declaration form and be admitted to the program by the time you complete 80 credits or within one year of transferring to Metropolitan State (whichever comes later). Students who do not have an approved program by this deadline may be prevented from registering. Declaring a program does not prevent you from changing your program in the future.

When you have completed all prerequisites or foundation courses required for the program, submit a Undergraduate Program Declaration Form to your advisor. If you have questions, please consult with your academic advisor. Your assigned advisor's contact information can be found in NetDirect.

For details on program acceptance requirements see the Undergraduate Catalog or for more general information, see University Policy #2020.


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